IFS Services

Fitness Training

The IFS goal of providing the highest quality fitness training is achieved by addressing several key areas.

  • IFS provides excellent service through punctuality, reliability, professionalism and constant continuing education.
  • IFS seeks to educate clients. Our responsibility goes beyond simply taking a client through a series of exercises without an explanation. We educate clients about the science behind their program design.
  • IFS provides clients with the most effective training program for their goals. This is accomplished through a structured process of creating each individual’s program. By taking into account a client’s health/fitness history, and performing a thorough assessment to identify postural and mechanical imbalances we are able to design a program geared toward the specific needs of each client.

Some of the specific areas we work to assess and train are:

  • Balance/Proprioception
  • Strength
  • Core strength and stability
  • Postural/Kinetic chain imbalances

Once a program has been designed, IFS works to make each workout diverse and engaging by utilizing a variety of training methods. IFS goes well beyond traditional strength training equipment to incorporate many advanced training tools, including: stability balls, medicine balls, balance tools, and elastic resistance during workouts.

Performance Training

The Integrated Fitness Systems sport specific strength and conditioning camps are designed to meet the needs of each particular sport. Utilizing the most advanced research available in the field of exercise science, IFS develops comprehensive training programs for improving overall strength and conditioning & sport specific performance. IFS designs technically advanced programs by analyzing the specific movement patterns and tempo required of a sport, as well as the primary physiological energy systems utilized during competition. These elements then form the basis of the training program. This specificity in training translates to improved performance in game situations and greatly reduces an athlete’s risk of injury.

Integrated Fitness Systems offers three primary services to meet individual or team training needs:

  • One-on-One perfromance training
  • Partner/Small group performance training
  • Sport specific strength & conditioning camps for teams

VO2 Testing

Train smarter, not harder. Customized heart rate based cardio programs based on your test results, get you to your goal faster

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