"Peter has always provided me the guidance and training regimen appropriate for my goal at the time---whether it’s training for a half marathon or prepping for ski season, Peter gives me the confidence and workouts I need to reach these goals."


"Peter answers questions and explains the exercises in a clear and concise manner which reflects his complete knowledge of his field.”


"A recurring back injury brought me to seek help from a well educated, professional trainer. Peter's careful attention to form, as well as skill in observing and responding to feedback during the sessions, prevented re-injury and allowed me to achieve a level of strength and flexibility I hadn't experienced since the initial accident many years ago. To live pain free is gift. And, for a gym-averse person such as myself, Peter's gracious and professional manner made it easier to get there!"


"I have had several traditional trainers over the years. Pete's innovative training methods are refreshing, challenging and fun. I would add that Pete's motivational skills and flexibility are also outstanding. He is a true professional within his field."


"Pete is a quintessential builder of champions."

Lance Lee, Ph.D.

"I have been training with Pete for over 3 years. Throughout this period he has designed a training regiment tailored to my specific needs. This includes exercises designed to strengthen and promote flexibility during two of my pregnancies and their cesarean births. Pete’s vast physiology and fitness knowledge coupled with his quest for pursuing and teaching state of the art fitness schema has provided me with the health and wellness results I have been seeking."


"Peter’s knowledge of body mechanics, motivational skills, appropriate exercises and emphasis on correct form enabled me to meet my goals."


"Through Peter's knowledge of nutrition, he has helped me understand that the latest "lose weight" diets do not have long term effects, but in fact, cause more weight gain once you are off the diet."


"I have worked out over the last 10 years on a consistent basis keeping my body in very good condition but my workout remained much the same over that period of time. Then I was referred to Peter who taught me a new approach. He put together a comprehensive workout program tailored to my specific needs that has taken conditioning to the next level while utilizing a program that is easy to follow. Today, I'm more in tune with my body. Peter has me strengthening my core, doing stabilization exercises, working on my balance & flexibility, refining the way I weight train and is teaching me about nutrition. Because of his approach, I think of Peter more like a personal coach than a personal trainer."


"Peter takes the time to understand your physical goals so that he can tailor your workouts to improve your performance during race day".


"Coming off total reconstructive knee surgery, I thought that it would take me a year to fully recover and I was scared that athletically I would not have the same ability that I once did. However with Pete's unique strength training and ability to focus not only on my knee, but on my entire core, I was able to come back from the injury after 7 months, and won lineman of the year in the SCVAL football league. I also was rewarded with being selected to play in the Charlie Wedemeyer all Star Game. After two summers of nothing but training with Pete, I owe a lot of my sucess to him."


"I participated in Pete's speed and agility camp during the summer and I can honestly say that it has helped improve my ability to perform on the football field. The season following Pete's camp I ran for 10 touchdowns due mostly in part to his sport specific training. The mix of the indoor facilities and the fieldwork helped keep things fresh. Through Pete's training and guidance I have become a much better football player and overall athlete."


"He is helping me reach my new goal of returning to competitive tennis at the national level through nutrition counseling, fitness training and continued strength training."


“For the past 5 summers I have worked with Pete on my strength, speed, and conditioning.  This past summer I went to Colorado for a softball tournament and participated in an NFCA camp.  There they had a SPARQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness) training program that I excelled in and got first out of 250 girls in the camp and 3rd in the nation.  From there I was invited to participate in another SPARQ event in Huntington Beach where I got 2nd out of the 200 top athletes and raised my national rating to 2nd.  All of the events in SPARQ I had previously trained with Pete giving me an obvious advantage over my competitors.  With out Pete I believe that I would not have been able to compete at the level at which I did.  I am now attending Stanford on a full athletic scholarship.”

Sarah H.