Tools of the Trade for a Trainer

You’ve probably all heard about portion control as a primary facet of smart nutrition. Perhaps like many you have complained that portion control, rather than the quality of the food you eat, is your primary challenge on the nutrition front. Trainers at gyms have long implemented strategies for enforcing portion control without having to exhibit stellar self discipline in the face of large quantities of food. This picture shows one of the easiest tools you can use to naturally implement of system of portion control each day. Pictured are Tupperware containers of 4oz, 8oz, and 9.5oz. Perfect size for implementing an eating strategy of small meals and snacks throughout the day rather a pattern of starving then eating anything not bolted to the floor. Also notice there are a lot of each size container, so there is never an excuse that there aren’t enough containers for everything, or that some of the containers are dirty.

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